Walmart Retail Data – Dashboard Example

The Walmart Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of accounting, analytical and visualisation on the data set.

The Approach was to download the available public retail data from Walmart, then undertake data analysis, and data visualisation, and develop two single page dashboards which reports the profit distribution by states, region, and customer age groups.

“Walmart is the world’s largest and most complex organisation in the world. Each week, Walmart serves over 265 million customers who visit approximately 11,500 stores across 27 countries. As at the end of fiscal 2020, Walmart and its subsidiaries employed more than 2.2 million employees, and is the largest private employer, and most cannot speak English. Walmart currently averages a “profit” (not sales) of $36 billion per year.

Thus to stay in business Walmart needs to timely identify or effectively respond to consumer trends or preferences. Otherwise, it could negatively affect its relationship with its customers, demand for its products and services or market share and the growth of the business.” Source Walmart Annual Accounts & SEC Filing

This case study example of the WALMART DASHBORD demonstrates how to gain insight from your mountain of data to be more innovative, increase operational performance, and profitability. Enabling an organisation to readily focus on your organisational challenges and develop solutions and strategies to resolve those issues and achieve profitable outcomes.

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