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Our data analytics services span across advisory, consulting, and managed implementation.

We now outline below

the many data analytics services and personalised solutions available to organisations.

Service to maintain data privacy, confidentiality,

and data security protocols.

This service ensures that MGlobal Analytics will always protect and secure the data presented by organisations for undertaking data analytics.

Service to develop a strategic data analytic roadmap.

Data data everywhere!!

No information to act upon!!

This is the frustrating challenge faced by many organisations

MGlobal Analytics will assist organisations to develop a data analytic roadmap.

Organisations will then be able to track the data flow terrain from internal and external applications and, multiple devices. And establish clear specification of data analytics to be undertaken and meeting expectation of outcomes to be achieved.

Data Collection Process

Service to enable starting a data analyst project.

MGlobal Analytics service will assist organisations to get started and provide an insight into the massive volume of data being collected.

Our approach to this challenge is quite simple. You give us data and we in return will give you actionable insights.

Here is an illustration of how - MGlobal can assist your organisation

ESG data management and analytics

Service to support Artificial Intelligence (AI) organisational requirements.

MGlobal Analytics has established a working relationship with an Artificial Intelligence Professor based in Europe. He holds a Dr. Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and is a published author. He is specialized in AI theory, AI models and simulations.

Currently he is assisting financial institutions to:

  • increase your expected cash collection levels by up to 34% and cut weeks of your cash cycle.
  • All by personalizing and automating follow-ups for your accounts receivables
  • managing inventories proactively by reshuffling them real-time from customer to customer within operational constraints

He is available to assist organisations seeking to start or restart their transformation.

  • Digital readiness assessments including tools, process, strategy, and culture
  • Cross-functional artificial intelligence lighthouse programs
  • Business transformation and turnaround programs
  • Disruptive business change ideas delivered through design thinking
  • Interim transformation management
  • Specialized hands-on trainings for leadership teams in the areas of artificial intelligence, design thinking and transformation

Service to support Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting.

As climate change concerns grow and the calls for sustainable business operations  for  become louder, organisations are making strategic decisions to protect the environment and transparently report their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts

Businesses are increasingly being evaluated on their sustainable business practices. It is important for business know the company’s existing structure, processes and how to run and govern the imperative process of collecting and reporting ESG data.

To begin, it’s worth to determine the ultimate ESG goal – say, net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 – and then set milestones such as dates and targets.

Organisations will want to develop concrete targets that can be measured from the beginning, and the data you collect should be meaningful, practical, and auditable.

MGlobal Analytics will assist organisations gather ESG data in a meaningful, practical, and auditable way, so it can then be reported transparently.   

Example of an ESG roadmap for organisations
The MGlobal data analytics process covers

Service to collect data.

For Organisations collecting mountains of data, may include historical data, or new information, for a particular initiative. plus, customer, supplier, audience’s demographics, their interests, behaviours and more.

This MGlobal Analytics service recognises that data flow within an organisation can be very complex, and it may involve multiple devices and applications.

MGlobal will assist organisations to collect the data necessary to undertake data analytics from such complex environments.

MGlobal Analytics3

The MGlobal Analytics data collection service for organisations include:

  • Mapping the connection and collecting of data from a variety of sources; be it by applications or multiple devices
  • Developing a matrix of data flows between applications, and devices
  • Identifying the ownership of data; territories aka states/rem areas (there are going to be overlap between departments
  • Connecting and gathering the required data sets
  • Gathering the data from all expected/required sources
  • Carrying out data definition
  • Creating and consolidating the data sets into one or several related database/files

Service to carry out data cleansing through data validation and data editing.

The goal of data validation and data editing service is to ensure the quality, data integrity, completeness, and accuracy of an organisations data sets.

To greatly improve the quality of data, MGlobal Analytics provides a data cleansing service. This data cleansing service is aimed at detecting and correcting data errors. Examples of some different data cleansing service offerings can include:

    • Separating data into sections
    • Ensuring each account entry is unique (e.g., perform duplicate check)
    • Cleaning data set (e.g., contact numbers follow standard format, addresses have street numbers and no stray commas or symbols, remove double spaces, etc)
    • Sense checking of data (e.g., the state is correct and aligned to the territory)
    • Editing data to confirm unique ID. numbers
    • Formatting of data relating to dates
    • Formatting of data relating to numbers
    • Formatting of data relating to names etc:

    Recently MGlobal Analytics received a data set covering 123 Municipal Councils. It was an MS Excel file of 128 columns of data elements per council over many years. The magnitude and the formatting structure of the data made it far too complex to undertake any meaningful data analytics as presented. MGlobal Analytics was able to carry out data cleansing, remove redundant, obsolete, and missing data elements, reformats inconsistent value of numbers and split the file into meaningful data sets and provide benchmarking and relevant key performance indicator actionable insights

Service to analyse data.

MGlobal Analytics provides professional data analysis support services. We find solutions for industries, companies, and communities. Focused on increasing sales, improving buying experience, and elevating company profile with target markets.

MGlobal Analytics can enable organisations to optimize their performances. Implementing data analytics into the business models means companies can help reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business.

Data analysis is widely used as a method of uncovering insights to areas where businesses can improve profitability. Examples include:

  • Marketing and sales insight. What products or services are selling, in which markets at what margins? This can include items shipped on time or delayed and if so for how long etc:
  • Procurement and spend insight. Who procures what; at what discount? Inventory shelf life, before expiry date etc;
  • Financial based on identifying trends from past performance/results, it is widely used as a budgeting and forecasting tool
ESG data management and analytics

MGlobal Analytics data analysis service

will assist organisations to cut through the data noise and experience the light bulb moment.

Service to visualize and dashboard reporting.

MGlobal Analytics provides data visualisation services to organisations. which is used to represent data using graphs (line/pie/map/ charts). Commonly referred to as dashboards.

This may include internal and external reporting, Board reporting, reporting of operational performance. For many levels of the organisational or functional management.

MGlobal Analytics makes use of publicly available Excel dashboard templates for organisations to download and use with their own data. There is a variety of sample dashboards covering a range of different industry sectors, financial, to organizational and KPI.

Service to adopt interactive dashboard reporting.

MGlobal Analytics provides data visualisation through interactive dashboard reporting services to organisations.

Data visualization can bring your data to life, and an interactive dashboard is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Interactive dashboards provide real-time insight into key metrics by allowing users to visualize, filter, and dig deeper into their data. They enable end-users to directly interact with their data, which allows them to develop a deeper insight and knowledge of the numbers driving their business. Therefore, they can be empowered to make more informed and confident decisions.

Example of a Global Sales Dashboard Template, With A Heat Map
MGlobal Data Analytics3
Example of a HR and Sales Dashboard Template
MGlobal Analytics

Service to undertake complex data analytics projects.

MGlobal Analytics will assist organisations to undertake complex data analytics projects.

This portfolio of awesome data analytics project – dashboards demonstrate some examples of complex projects undertaken by MGlobal utilising publicly available data.

MGlobal Portfolio of Awesome Data Analytics Projects​

To view, please click on the logo images below to view the dashboard examples

DashboardDashboard Demonstration Stories


The Walmart Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of accounting, analytical and visualisation. It shows two single page dashboards which reports the profit distribution by states, region, and customer age groups.

Walmart is the world’s largest and most complex organisation in the world. Each week, Walmart serves over 265 million customers who visit approximately 11,500 stores across 27 countries. As at the end of fiscal 2020, Walmart and its subsidiaries employed more than 2.2 million employees, and is the largest private employer, and most cannot speak English. Walmart currently averages a “profit” (not sales) of $36 billion per year.

Covid -19

The COVID – 19 Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of mapping, trending, and forecasting.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global catastrophe impacting 210 countries, with a pandemic virus, resulting in many thousands of deaths, with shutdown of many sectors of businesses, global trade, supply chains, and airlines. Resulting in soaring unemployment in many millions and long food queues.

201 countries are submitting daily information, on new cases, deaths, testing etc; which are coordinated by WHO and there are several organisations providing real time update to data sets and dashboard information.

Corporate Reporting

The Corporate Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of analysis, mapping, trending, forecasting and visualisation.

The Retail Superstore has two EXCEL data tables of Orders and Customers with over 66,000 rows of data, covering 4 years of sales information.

Several EXCEL dashboards illustrate corporate reporting of profit distribution by states, regions, and customer age groups capabilities in EXCEL.

Australian Health Expenditure

The Australian Health Expenditure Data – Dashboard is a demonstration of the spend analysis within an organisation or industry sector. The data analysis, and data visualisation provides an insight of source of funding over the last few years, area of spend by states etc: It includes two additional public data sets: It sets out to seek answers of expenditure spend such as:

 How much was spent?
 When was it spent?
 What procurements were made?
 Who funded the spending?
 Source of spend by each state & territory?

Interactive Executive sales Report

The Interactive Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of user driven interactive reporting. The interactive dashboards enable organisations to easily visualize the mountain of data, filter on-demand, and slice and dice the data and drill and dig deeper. They can also be fun.

This is a visualization to demonstrate how users can gain insight from your organisation collection of mountains of data. It enables users to dynamically change the reporting criteria on the run. To be more innovative, increase operational performance, and profitability. Enabling an organisation to readily focus on your organisational challenges and develop solutions and strategies to resolve those issues and achieve profitable outcomes.

NSW Local Government

 The Office of Local Council Data – Dashboard is a demonstration of the benchmarking analysis and reporting within an organisation or industry sector.

The OLG benchmark analysis sets out to do some reverse engineering and benchmark the top performing Councils by operating KPI and cash ratio.

The benchmark data analysis, and data visualisation illustrates how any organisation can gain insight into making benchmark comparison of multiple facets of the organisation to be more innovative, increase operational performance, and increase profitability.

ESG – Climate Change

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a demonstration of data trend analysis on climate data, This provides an insight of impact of the trend for any country over the years plus make benchmark comparisons of selected countries on climate trend KPI’s.

ESG reporting and the opportunity for organisations is now a growing realisation. It is now becoming the norm for many progressive organisations, to disclose performance in relation to material ESG risks and opportunities, and explain how these material topics inform a company’s strategy and overall performance.

ESG – Climate Change Data – Dashboard illustrates how any organisation can gain insight of climate change to enable them to get started, become progressive and be more innovative, increase operational performance, and increase profitability and community responsibility.

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