COVID-19 Dashboard Example

The COVID – 19 Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of mapping, trending, and forecasting on the data set.

The Approach was to download the available public data from multiple sources, including John Hopkins University and World Health Organisation. Then undertake data analysis, data visualisation, and develop three single page dashboards.

COVID-19 iis an unprecedented global catastrophe impacting 210 countries, with a pandemic virus, resulting in many thousands of deaths, with shutdown of many sectors of businesses, global trade, supply chains, and airlines. Resulting in  soaring unemployment in many millions and long food queues.

201 countries are submitting daily information, on new cases, deaths, testing etc; which are coordinated by WHO and there are several organisations providing real time update to data sets and dashboard information.

This case study example of the COVID-19 Dashboard demonstrates how to gain insight from your organisation collection of mountain of data; to be more innovative, increase operational performance, and profitability. Enabling an organisation to readily focus on your organisational challenges and develop solutions and strategies to resolve those issues and achieve profitable outcomes.

Source WB – Not produced by MGlobal. Displayed to illustrate design format.

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