Australian Health Expenditure Data Dashboard Example

The Australian Health Expenditure Data – Dashboard is a demonstration of the spend analysis within an organisation or industry sector.

It sets out to seek answers of expenditure spend such as:

  • How much was spent?                              – When was it spent?
  • What procurements were made?                  – Who funded the spending?
  • Source of spend by each state & territory?

It also includes two additional public data reports:

  • ABS census data on population
  • And key ratios of spend by population

The Approach was to download the available public data from the Australian Government Department of Health, then undertake data analysis, and data visualisation to get an insight of source of funding over the last few years, area of spend  by states etc:

This case study example of the Health Expenditure Dashboard illustrates how any organisation can gain insight of spend data to enable the organisation to be more innovative, increase operational performance, and increase profitability.

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