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MGlobal Analytics: We unlock the answers hidden in your data.

MGlobal Analytics is a successful boutique management consultancy, based in Sydney Australia.

MGlobal is a professional consultative data analytics support service offering, to organizations to optimize its business performance.

MGlobal can assist organizations to get an insight of trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information. This visual information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.

Our motto has always been – “live locally and operate globally”.

We pride ourselves with the active pursuit of this motto.

For example, our international management consultancy demonstrates the practice of this motto helping Ministry of Finance’s in 15 developing countries.

Another example is that the director of MGlobal Europe currently living in Finland, serves a client in Singapore, and is undertaking an AI assignment for a financial institution in Indonesia, as well as leading a project providing AI services for a client in Brazil.

MGlobal Analytics

MGlobal Analytics was founded in 2021 by Tass Thassim. MGlobal Analytics provides professional data analysis support services. We find solutions for industries, companies, and communities. Focused on increasing sales, improving buying experience, and elevating company profile with target markets.

MGlobal Analytics can enable organisations to optimize their performances. Implementing data analytics into the business models means companies can help reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business.

MGlobal Analytics current focus is to provide data driven solutions to organisations in four main areas.

  1. Data analysis and insight generation to grow the organisation
  2. Developing data visualization dashboards using Tableau 
  3. Assisting organisations to implement Economic, Social & Governance (ESG) policy and reporting (ESG) policy, process, procedures, and corporate reporting
  4. Recovery from post COVID–19 scenario seeking new world opportunities to move forward by adopting the 5 “C” principles
Prior to this MGlobal was a very successful international management consultancy. Providing global fiscal and financial management consultancy to fifteen developing countries – Ministries of Finance. Primarily assisting developing countries in multiple regions to implement Public Financial Management Reform Programs (PFMRP) and planning and governance. These included Middle East & Africa (Lebanon, Palestine, South Sudan, Libya and Iraq), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Pakistan), East Asia & Pacific (Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Solomon Island, Kiribati and Cambodia). The international projects were donor funded by DFID, WB, USAID, AusAID, ADB and EU.

During 1990’s MGlobal in association with Macquarie University designed and delivered the FMIP Financial Management Improvement Programme. FMIP developed the financial skills of 700 public servants from 48 state and federal government departments and agencies.

During 1980’s MGlobal engaged in global marketing of data base software. This was on personal computers mainly in the medical and shipping sectors.

In the 1970’s Tass Thassim has worked for industry leaders Deloitte, and KPMG and brings his business solutions knowledge and insight to your organisation. As Senior Manager management consulting. During his period with the two firms, he led several multidisciplinary teams transforming major organisations in the banking and industrial sectors and state and federal Government departments and energy and water utilities.

MGlobal Professional Services Pty Ltd

ABN 63 050 067 368

Based in Sydney Australia

Phone  +61 (2) 9439 2915

Mobile  +61 (0) 423 625 785

LinkedIn    https://www.linkedin.com/in/tassthassim/

Email         tthassim@bigpond.net.au

Web Site   https://mglobalanalytics.com/

MGlobal Portfolio of Awesome Data Analytics Projects​

To view, please click on the logo images below to view the dashboard examples

DashboardDashboard Demonstration Stories


The Walmart Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of accounting, analytical and visualisation. It shows two single page dashboards which reports the profit distribution by states, region, and customer age groups.

Walmart is the world’s largest and most complex organisation in the world. Each week, Walmart serves over 265 million customers who visit approximately 11,500 stores across 27 countries. As at the end of fiscal 2020, Walmart and its subsidiaries employed more than 2.2 million employees, and is the largest private employer, and most cannot speak English. Walmart currently averages a “profit” (not sales) of $36 billion per year.

Covid -19

The COVID – 19 Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of mapping, trending, and forecasting.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global catastrophe impacting 210 countries, with a pandemic virus, resulting in many thousands of deaths, with shutdown of many sectors of businesses, global trade, supply chains, and airlines. Resulting in soaring unemployment in many millions and long food queues.

201 countries are submitting daily information, on new cases, deaths, testing etc; which are coordinated by WHO and there are several organisations providing real time update to data sets and dashboard information.

Corporate Reporting

The Corporate Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of analysis, mapping, trending, forecasting and visualisation.

The Retail Superstore has two EXCEL data tables of Orders and Customers with over 66,000 rows of data, covering 4 years of sales information.

Several EXCEL dashboards illustrate corporate reporting of profit distribution by states, regions, and customer age groups capabilities in EXCEL.

Australian Health Expenditure

The Australian Health Expenditure Data – Dashboard is a demonstration of the spend analysis within an organisation or industry sector. The data analysis, and data visualisation provides an insight of source of funding over the last few years, area of spend by states etc: It includes two additional public data sets: It sets out to seek answers of expenditure spend such as:

 How much was spent?
 When was it spent?
 What procurements were made?
 Who funded the spending?
 Source of spend by each state & territory?

Interactive Executive sales Report

The Interactive Dashboard is a demonstration of the application of user driven interactive reporting. The interactive dashboards enable organisations to easily visualize the mountain of data, filter on-demand, and slice and dice the data and drill and dig deeper. They can also be fun.

This is a visualization to demonstrate how users can gain insight from your organisation collection of mountains of data. It enables users to dynamically change the reporting criteria on the run. To be more innovative, increase operational performance, and profitability. Enabling an organisation to readily focus on your organisational challenges and develop solutions and strategies to resolve those issues and achieve profitable outcomes.

NSW Local Government

 The Office of Local Council Data – Dashboard is a demonstration of the benchmarking analysis and reporting within an organisation or industry sector.

The OLG benchmark analysis sets out to do some reverse engineering and benchmark the top performing Councils by operating KPI and cash ratio.

The benchmark data analysis, and data visualisation illustrates how any organisation can gain insight into making benchmark comparison of multiple facets of the organisation to be more innovative, increase operational performance, and increase profitability.

ESG – Climate Change

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a demonstration of data trend analysis on climate data, This provides an insight of impact of the trend for any country over the years plus make benchmark comparisons of selected countries on climate trend KPI’s.

ESG reporting and the opportunity for organisations is now a growing realisation. It is now becoming the norm for many progressive organisations, to disclose performance in relation to material ESG risks and opportunities, and explain how these material topics inform a company’s strategy and overall performance.

ESG – Climate Change Data – Dashboard illustrates how any organisation can gain insight of climate change to enable them to get started, become progressive and be more innovative, increase operational performance, and increase profitability and community responsibility.

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